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What can I use Plancast for?

Plancast helps you find out about events and other social activities ahead of time so you don't miss out on them. You also can use Plancast to plan an event and promote it with our professional event marketing tools.

Our users share the most interesting events and plans on their calendars, making this the best place to find out about things to do, straight from the people doing them. And when you find something, it's easy to tell your friends about it by hitting 'Count Me In' and sharing your special events and plans on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Now you and other participants can collaboratively upload post-event photos, videos and slides from a PC or an iPhone. Share them with your friends through Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

The Plancast online calendar can manage all your relevant plans with filters. Dynamically sync your calendar with other calendars like Outlook,or ical.

Why should I share my plans?

Because going places is more fun with others! Plancast is not only for event planning and event management, but also for event promoting and sharing. With photo sharing and online video sharing on site or mobile phone, people may directly enjoy your event findings and experiences. Share your events and plans to see which of your friends want to join you. At the very least, others will appreciate the tip and get a chance to check out what you're up to.

Plus it's super easy to add a plan! Now with a Chrome extension, Firefox plug-in or Bookmarklet, you can add a plan from a browser while viewing any event detail page. Check out detail here!

Where can I find some Plancast logos for download?

Right here!