TAO Together as ONE

TAO Together as ONE

LOS ANGELES SPORTS ARENA · Friday, December 31, 2010 from 8:30 PM to 11:00 PM

  • Ange
  • Jesse Wilson
  • David Sanghera
  • Jeff Snyder
Rage. Invite yo friends.



Go Ventures & Insomniac present Th... [read more]
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  • Gabriela De Angelis
    4 years, 11 months ago

    8 REASONS TO AVOID TAO LIKE THE PLAGUE EDC WAS A DEATH TRAP I've been to five Insomniac Events, including EDC this year. Forget the girl who OD'ed, just remember the laweekly videos of people being crushed, stampeded, and bloodied? I was in that! You can't see me, but I was stepped on for ten minutes, unable to get up, and my shoulder was bruised and fucked up for five weeks. The sports arena is really no different, and I don't trust anyone doing a rave in an arena, but especially Insomniac. Fuck you Insomniac!!! IT'S FUCKING RAINING Look outside. This is the rainiest December in years! It's going to be fucking freezing, even if it doesn't rain. Don't be fooled by the indoor SPorts Arena. They can only put one stage inside, it can only hold a couple thousand people, and the rest are going to be under leaky flimsy tents. TO get from one place to another, you have to walk through mud. You will spend two hours waiting in line to get in, minimum. Unless you really love standing around in a miniskirt for hours shivering, stay the fuck away. TRAFFIC BLOWS DONKEY BALLS Before you stand around waiting in line, remember you are going to have to sit in traffic for another two hours on the way in and the way out. And the guy next to you is going to blast shitty music all night. And there's no way to get out. You can't even turn around it's such a clusterfuck. GO VENTURES EVENTS ARE FULL OF CRIMINALS Undercover agents arrested 300 people at Go Ventures raves this year, and that's ONLY what was caught. Imagine all the other meth-heads, pickpockets, taggers and gangbangers they DIDNT catch! Dont be fooled by the new 18+ either, with this rule MORE ghetto kids show up, they just wait outside, gathering up and tearing down fences. at monster massive there were hundreds of drugged out kandy ravers who successfully mobbed the main entrance! When the fire marshalls see the gatecrashers taking control of theevent the whole show gets shut down. Even people who bought tickets sneak in because the lines are so slow. THE LINEUP IS A RIPOFF The trance artists are the weakest TAO has ever had. It's puny compared to this year's EDC or Ultra lineups. The greedy shits at Insomniac are holding out on you and you don't even know it! The electro and dubstep stages are a straight rip off of Hard Summer and HARD Halloween. THEY WILL OVERSELL IT The last two GO Ventures parties inside the Arena (Monster Mssive and TAO last year) both reach capacity early in the night. They shut the doors, and you have to wait in a long ass line, hoping someone will come out so you can take their place. This is the same bullshit they run every year. IT'S IN THE GHETTO When you have to park and walk through Compton and Watts to get to the party, you realize that your shit is not safe. Every time they have a rave at the coliseum/sports arena, the local thugs have Christmas with your cars. Due to the mass amounts of crime, the police stations are overwhelmed, you may have to wait 6-7 hours just to file the report of your broken window/ missing stereo/ missing car. While your waiting, how about getting mugged & raped too? Double whammy! NO REFUNDS Ask anyone you know who already bought a ticket -- it's printed on the ticket NO REFUNDS. When the event is canceled due to weather, or shut down due to public hazards or gate-crashing toddlers, you'll be out in the cold and rain at 11:30 next to a homeless guy at the beginning of 2011, looking at the useless ticket in your hand that you wasted$80 on. IT ENDS EARLY OK, so this more than 8 reasons after all. Raving is all about staying out late partying, so why do they end at 2:00? That also means music will shut down before that! Doors are at 6:00, but who's really going to get there that early on a workday? This is new year's eve and girls like me need to get ready. By the time you actually get inside you probably will have missed all of the acts that you wanted to see. DJ Reza gets a better time slot than Jack Beats? Who actually wants to see THAT fat fuck at peak time? THERE ARE WAY BETTER PARTIES ELSEWHERE For starters, Hollywood is full of great clubs where you can get your new years rave on well past 2am: GIANT has a killer trance lineup if your 21, HARD is 18+ at the music box for electro & house hipsters, the raveonettes and autolux are playing with tons of djs at the standard, digweed at avalon, etc. there are also great drum and bass (hive & tech itch) and underground house (sublevel) in downtown, bootie la at echoplex, and the EPIC NYE rave w/ moby ferry corsten and afrojack in san diego are all better options than the nightmare that is tao. I dont care where you go, just dont go to the sports arena! So now you know. TOGETHER IS DONE. spread the word, please re-post!

3939 S. Figueora Blvd, Los Angeles, California, United States

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